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Unpopular Opinion

Feb 28, 2014

Is the bathroom the appropriate place to share everything with your lover? Is there a valid excuse for a grown man to have pooped his pants three times in the past year? Speaking of poop, where are we going to put it all if we can't have plastic grocery bags anymore? Host Adam Tod Brown welcomes comics Ben Blanchard and...

Feb 21, 2014

Why in the world would anyone watch professional wrestling? On that same note, is getting upset about professional football any more or less justified than getting upset about the outcome of wrestling? Also, should owning a computer require a license? Host Adam Tod Brown welcomes his Cracked co-workers Soren Bowie and...

Feb 14, 2014

Is Valentine's Day the most depressing "holiday" ever? Is there ever a good day for a chick flick? Is dancing an effective cure for depression? Host Adam Tod Brown welcomes comic Dave Waite and author Kathy Benjamin to discuss all of this and more!

Feb 3, 2014

Are Lady Gaga and R. Kelly singing the same song on their recent duet? Does anyone miss television commercials? Remember that cruise ship commercial that used an Iggy Pop song about ear sex? Adam Tod Brown welcomes comic Maria Shehata and his Cracked co-worker Robert Evans to discuss all of this and more!